Located In Adrian, Michigan, United States of America! With experience in CNC machining, 3D printing, product design, CAD, and CAM. We can make the models and parts you need in a timely fashion at a hyper competitive cost. We design parts, print prototypes, and run medium scale production with additive manufacturing. We have experience making end use components for the medical industry, consumer products, and aftermarket watercraft parts. With proper communication we can bring most all jobs to life in all sectors!

The CAD Models below were designed by us and are a used together in an assembly in an aftermarket jet ski switch housing. 

The item next to the golf balls is one of our fully customizable product platforms that allows for courses, clubs, and businesses to experience the next generation of customized products at a very affordable rate. As well as serve many uses to the end users. 

The clip below holding the piece of paper was designed and is produced by us as a competent for a medical supplier to be sold to the end user. We utilize medium run production to bring this specialized product to the company at a rate competitive to injection molded parts!

As you can see with a broad array of sectors we can make almost anything for you!