Why Injection Molding at RPWORLD?

Free DFM Analysis: With 16+years experience, Expert feedback and free DFM (design for manufacturability) analysis can be provided to shorten customer’s development time, lower manufacturing costs and improve product quality.

Various Special Materials: Various special materials available, like high-performance engineering materials, heat-resistance material and biomaterial and so on.

Flexible Molding Solutions: Multiple types of molds are available, such as soft molds, hard molds, experimental molds, mass-production molds and the like.

Short Lead Time: Our lead time can be as fast as 1 week. Generally, it will take 2 weeks to 4 weeks. It can be shorter as it depends on specific situations.

Rapid Tooling: Rapid tooling can be as fast as 1 week. It may take 2-4 weeks for the mass-production molds. We can not only assist our customers on mass production, but also provide low-volume production service for 5-10 years continuously.

Fully Automatic: Robot arms application achieves fully automatic production, which guarantees the high quality and product consistency. They accelerate the production and shorten the lead time to 1 week or less.

Optimal batch sizes: 50-10,000pcs