Titanic Design specializes in providing easy and large scale 3D printing services for clients around the world. Our goal is to provide the tools and expertise needed to transform concepts and digital media into 3D printed parts. Through large format capabilities, speed, and affordability, we provide 3D printing services and support across industries from fields that have traditionally been unable to access high quality additive manufacturing to those who already rely on it for increased success.

Our highly technical staff are not just experts in 3D printing but understand the surrounding process as well. We have experience in 3D modeling and CAD across platforms and understand the entire process from design, conversion to 3D printable file formats, properly assessing part printability, along with post processing, finishing work, and scalability as well. We work with you to make sure the parts you want are the parts you actually get. Same day turnaround in some cases.

Single part build area on our largest class of machines is 1.5m x 1.0m with plenty of experience making even larger parts.