May 12, 2022

Partnership Announcement

3dHoudini is proud to announce a partnership with Black Hills 3d Print Hub Cooperative. This will mark the first official 3d Print Hub launched through 3dHoudini’s 3d Incubator program. The Black Hills 3D Print Hub Cooperative is in Lead, South Dakota. The 3dHoudini business incubator is providing equipment, training and technology to the not-for-profit production cooperative.
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April 15, 2022

Development on Moonbeam begins!

On April 14, 3dHoudini signed into a contract with blockchain developers Mechlin Software Technology PVT. LTD. to begin development of its 3DC Coin, FOREVER NFT and CAD Parlor, 3dHoudini’s NFT marketplace. Each of these projects is being built on the Moonbeam platform.
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June 10, 2021

Equity Partnership

The 3dHoudini Product Development Team will be led by Todd Basche, a product development guru who at one time worked side-by-side with Steve Jobs developing Apple products. Basche will work closely with the 3dHoudini team over the next three months, taking a deep dive into market research and product development around our 3D-printable NFT product.
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May 15, 2021

3dHoudini acquires CAD Parlor and announces goal of creating 3D-printable NFT

On May 6, 2021, 3dHoudini, a manufacturing marketplace specializing in 3D printing based out of Seattle, Washington, purchased for stock, CAD Parlor, a blockchain technology company out of Bellingham, Washington.
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May 5, 2021

Q & A with 3dHoudini founder Chris White

The 3dHoudini 3d Print Hub marketplace officially launched on March 30, 2021, about five weeks ago. Chris White, founder, and Chairman of the Board of 3dHoudini was kind enough to talk with me about the platform and how it came to be.
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March 16, 2021

Founder Insights

What 3dHoudini knows about 3D printing that you don’t. I think 3D printing is a much bigger deal than most of us—even people in the industry—realize. 3D printing, coupled with other considerations that I will describe here, has the potential to fundamentally change commerce...
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February 8, 2021

February Newsletter – Freelancing 2021

We are the first online marketplace to apply a freelancing platform model to the manufacturing industry. As such, we are helping businesses and individuals increase production and profits. Freelancing sites have been extremely successful in empowering the “little guys,” a.k.a. freelancers, by giving them access to a global market.
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