The transaction marks a key milestone in 3dHoudini’s mission to empower individuals and small businesses globally.

On May 6, 2021, 3dHoudini, a manufacturing marketplace specializing in 3D printing based out of Seattle, Washington, purchased for stock, CAD Parlor, a blockchain technology company out of Bellingham, Washington.

“One day, CAD Parlor’s 3D-printable NFT technology will be used to purchase everything from running shoes to auto parts,” said Chris White, CEO of 3dHoudini. The CAD token® technology enables a design to be bought, sold, then printed when and where you need it and allows designers to magically take a product to market—without inventory or production costs.

“We are going to build a bridge across the divide from the digital realm into the homes of real-world consumers,” says Yannick White, co-founder of CAD Parlor and principal inventor of CAD Parlor’s CAD token, CAD stream and Tokenized Manufacturing technologies. Yannick will become President of 3dHoudini and is dedicated to seeing his 3D-printable NFT dream through to a reality.

Chris founded 3dHoudini in 2019. The original concept behind 3dHoudini was a freelance-type platform, like Fiverr and Upwork, but for manufacturing. Shortly after the platform launched in 2021, Chris’s son, Yannick White, came to him with an idea. Yannick had been fascinated with NFT technology since 2018 and had been wrestling with the idea of a tokenized CAD design. It wasn’t until using the 3dHoudini platform that he realized his idea’s full potential. Once Yannick was able to get Chris to understand what an NFT was, everything changed. Since then, they have been working to integrate their visions.

CAD Parlor’s Tech Summary:

The CAD token is a vehicle to buy, sell and trade designs. When the purchaser of a CAD token chooses to have the token manufactured, the CAD design, represented by the token, is streamed to a near-location, third-party manufacturer on the 3dHoudini marketplace. The CAD token technology prevents designs from being exposed to theft and allows the sale of a single use of a design.