3dHoudini begins construction of its currency, first NFT and NFT marketplace.

On April 14, 3dHoudini signed into a contract with blockchain developers Mechlin Software Technology PVT. LTD. to begin development of its 3DC Coin, FOREVER NFT and CAD Parlor, 3dHoudini’s NFT marketplace. Each of these projects is being built on the Moonbeam platform.

Moonbeam is providing technical assistance on the project through an informal agreement that includes marketing, technical and potentially financial assistance. The Moonbeam technical team is currently working with 3dHoudini and the Mechlin developers.

The first project, the FOREVER NFT, is anticipated to launch in the first week of June 2022. FOREVER NFT holders receive a minimum of 1,000 3DC pre-sale tokens and a 50% discount on the purchase of 3DC pre-sale tokens. In addition, each FOREVER token has the potential to provide long-term discounts on the 3dHoudini Ecosystem. Discounts are determined by the amount of ICO pre-sale tokens purchased by the accumulative holders of this FOREVER NFT.