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How to get a FOREVER NFT

We have limited the total number of FOREVER NFTs to 300. Some of these NFTs will be AirDropped to whitelisted active community members. The remaining FOREVER NFTs are available for purchase here.
Free AirDropped FOREVER NFT tokens
You must be whitelisted to be eligible to win a FOREVER NFT. AirDropped FOREVER NFTs come with a minimum of 1,000 3DC.
Here’s what you can do to get an AirDrop:
Sign up for our Whitelist:
Being whitelisted will enter you to win a free AirDrop of a Neon, Fire, Plasma, Atomic or Supernova FOREVER NFT. To get on the whitelist for the FOREVER NFT, click the link below.
Follow us:
For more chances to win, follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram and other platforms.
Be active:
The more you interact with our community, the greater the chances of winning!

FOREVER NFT tokens for Purchase

The purchaser of a FOREVER NFT receives a discount on purchases of Pre-sale 3DC. To purchase the FOREVER NFT, click here.

FOREVER NFT Discount on 3DC
The holder of all FOREVER NFTs receives a discount on purchases of Pre-sale 3DC. Token holders are permitted to purchase 3DC at $.10 per 3DC. To purchase discounted 3DC through the FOREVER NFT, go to the ICO Purchase page, connect your wallet, and wait for the NFT to be verified. For 3DC to be registered on the FOREVER NFT, ownership must be verified at the time of purchase. Purchases of 3DC through a FOREVER NFT are limited to the ICO Pre-sale Period.